Cromkhar Codex – Warped

In the recent decades on Cromkhar, the concept of warped beings has grown increasingly more prominent. Among the civilized species, the humans are the most commonly known for being warped, though it exists everywhere to some extent. These warped features can manifest in many ways, sometimes just superficial or cosmetic, but other times they are life changing and dangerous.

The manifestation of the feature happens at seemingly points in a persons life but often it is very young, or even at birth. The person may not realize or discover it for some time and commonly they just hide it, from everyone including closest friends and family. The distrust of such people has spread far and wide, not because anyone expects they are evil, but they are a potential risk of danger.

For the debatably lucky ones, they are able to join a Tempest and get some measure of respect and a place to belong without having to hide. There are others that have no meaningful talent and cannot contribute to a Tempest and are forced to live in secret, or they decide that their ability can be used for whatever they deem fit. These eventually become the target of a Tempest, once they draw enough attention to themselves.

The nature of individual warped abilities are rather varied. There are passive traits such as immense strength or toughness, or incredible levels of intelligence. There are other that require effort or focus to manifest, like changing their own appearance, shape or density – these are self controlling abilities and less common. Then the abilities which are used on others seem more rare – mind control, fire or ice blasts, remote force, etc. One of the more prominent Tempests is the Silver Tempest, which has an odd array of team members:

  • Proteus (leader) – complete self-body manipulation
  • Zetta – control over nature/plants
  • Shann – manipulation of darkness as an energy or other dimension
  • Soren – permanently transmuted into a walking/talking boulder with earth powers
  • Mideon – a gifted inventor with otherworldly luck and empathic abilities
  • Alain – a mentalist of unparalleled potential
  • Murik – an undead human capable of spreading radiation and disease