Updatober (Get it? Update + October? Nvm)

I’ve finished up the first draft of my new GameLit novel. It was originally going to be a LitRPG, but I’ve learned that I really prefer the more narrative structure of the story without all the interruptions of game system specifics. And overall, I really enjoyed writing it and could easily see writing more stories in the same universe at another time. I’ll let it sit for a bit and work on something else, first. Then I’ll come back for another pass to cleanup everything. 

In the meantime, NaNoWriMo is coming up. And while Nano only asks that we write 50K words toward something, and that something doesn’t have to be a specific Nano project that is completed before Dec 1, my personality dictates otherwise. My current plan is to write six short stories that will total 50,000 words when I’m done and will further my Web of the Shepherds series. I have an author friend in the same boat I’m in with having many unfinished projects, and we’re both determined to not start new projects while we have unfinished projects that need to be finished (or abandoned). 

I’m in the planning phase for those six short stories now, which is new for me.  I never actually took advantage of Preptober in the past.  I have a scene list for four of the stories already and need to complete the other two before November. Now, on the other hand, I’m starting a challenge today that is called the Plot a Novel in 5 Days challenge. The outcome of that may grab me and force me to use that as my goal for Nano. But, what was that about not starting a new project? Yeah, I know. That’s how it goes, though. Wish me luck and stay tuned!