Travelling Companions

Today, I thought I’d share the other two characters mentioned in my previous post “Detour Ahead”. Last time, I described Darius, the male rogue.

Ashimar is a male warrior who lives to pursue mercantilism. He loves to barter and trade, not to make money alone but the experience is what he enjoys. He even sells his own sword arm on occasion as part of a deal. He is excellent at maintaining a calm demeaner and self-restraint. Nothing is done flippantly or on a lark. He often conducts trades in pursuit of potions or elixirs of a great variety. Strength, invisibility, speed, anything that he effectively use in his normal line of work, soldiering. He’s gluttonous in regards to potions and elixirs. Recently, as part of a bargain, he made a dream voyage into a spirit’s domain. He wanted to trade a rare gem for a favor that would give him an opening in yet another deal. Unfortunately, the potions he used for his dream voyage were forbidden within the city and he woke up in jail the next morning.

Beseema is a young woman with ancient aspirations. She wants to be the best mage in history. More directly, she wants to be known as the best mage in history – it’s important that everyone knows it. It started as a child when she learned her first cantrip, earlier than anyone ever recorded. Everyone was so proud and amazed, and it was that feeling she became addicted to. Her desire to improve faster and better drove her into dark territory and she bound herself to demon in her pursuits. More accurately, she bound a demon to herself and it has changed her. She keeps her secrets but she has physical aspects which are hidden from prying eyes. Scales, horns, talons, all minor and easily disquised. Baseema knows that she is gifted and powerful, and she feels sorry for almost anyone who is not her. Her mercy is well known to the people that know her; she is often going out of her way to show mercy. 

Recently, she traveled deep underground to a mythical palace abandoned eons ago by infernal beings. She was looking for any scripts, scrolls or tomes of power that she could brag about discovering. During her expedition, she was approached by a traveler of the planes who threatened to vaporize her soul should she return to that place. The traveler suggested she limit her searching to the missing gem of The Bulwark. After returning home, she was almost immediately summoned to join the expedition for the missing gem.