The Shepherds and their web

During Earth pre-history, a number of alien deities, called the Anunnaki, descended upon primitive mankind and took them under their care. They mentored their flock along during evolution, but they also sculpted them. It was not just their culture, but also their abilities. Thousands of years later, these civilizations are now lost.

However, there are still remnants among us, in the form of warlocks, mummies and prometheans. The Web of the Shepherds project is a series of short stories that are either directly or indirectly interconnected, each focusing on different paranormal beings in the urban fantasy genres. The ‘web’ is this very interconnected collection of stories.


  • Human warlocks; powers are hereditary, father to son.
  • Ghosts are spirits bound to the prime material plane by sheer will-power or a warlock curse.
  • Werewolves are a result of a curse from any of several scattered and ancient tombs of an extinct people
  • Dagons, or Merrow, are a fish people that now live in the sunken city of Atlantis
  • Vampires are pathogenic but a specific process is required
  • Mummies are the result of a scientific method. Their preparation makes them possible.
  • Prometheans are created but a cult, stitching them and creating life with exotic meteors and lightning.
  • Sitchkin are an alien-human hybrids named after a historian named Zecharia Sitchin, related to grays or planet Nibiru.
  • Revenant and Gorgons are very rare and little is known about them

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