Book 2: Tempest of Betrayal is complete

The second book in the Supers & Sorcery series, Tempest of Betrayal, is now complete and has been posted for distribution according to the pre-order timeline. I’m already working on the story structure of the third book, but again I’m bringing along some learnings. Once again, I tried to tell too large of a story in the second book, despite thinking I’d learned my lesson before. We’ll see if the third time is the charm. I was glad to be able to incorporate more magic in this book (the sorcery part of Supers & Sorcery) and will explore this further in the third book. I really want to have the super powers and sorcery go head-to-head in an epic way. Once again, I did not pay an editor and I made the cover myself. I continue to focus on the content of the story and spend more time on the characters which deserve more attention. Anyway, onwards and all that jazz!

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