Sidereal Warlock

The first story in Web of the Shepherds has been published and is the first warlock taste of this universe. It answers the question “Where can a warlock find the power to rescue his banished father?”

Luc Canul is a middle-aged man working retail security and going nowhere in life. His deceased grandfather apparently had other plans, and Luc learns of a long-kept secret that changes everything he knows about his family.

When Luc discovers that his dead father is actually trapped in another dimension, he finds himself racing to unlock his warlock powers so they can be reunited. But, trying to become powerful enough may just kill him.

Armed only with old family connections and a sense of urgency, Luc must defeat a bloodthirsty demon to access the raw infernal strength within himself. But is he prepared to die, if and when he fails?

Currently, this story is only available on Amazon, but in a few months it will be released in all of the other ebook outlets.