September 2021

Welcome back, cromies! How do you pronounce “cromies”? No idea. Let’s not dwell.

I have an update on the LitRPG project, and I’m happy to report that the draft is complete. I’m pleased with how it turned out, but I have to admit that it’s not as crunchy as many others out there. When it really came down to it, I had to ask how much the crunchy stats told the story. They certainly informed how things developed, so I was sure to give them some of the spotlight, but I found the narrative itself more compelling.

I’m releasing the book, Megalith Online, on the Kindle Vella platform now and it’s rolling out in weekly segments. Megalith Online is a harrowing adventure for an unlikely assembly of heroes. A young man with a degenerative brain disease who becomes the catalyst for cosmic evil. A father who is desperate enough to sabotage the world’s most ruthless corporation. And together with three gamer friends, who are no longer human, they conquer an MMO merged with a quantum AI and a Lovecraftian entity in another dimension. You can find it here: Megalith Online | Kindle Vella (amazon.com) 

Additionally, as I’m enjoying the Vella format, I decided to produce another title out there as well. A retired crisis negotiator finds himself in a situation he cannot simply talk his way out of, and the fate of the world depends on the outcome. He will meet unlikely companions on his journey to save mankind, but it’s unclear whether his fate rests in the present, past, or future. Unforgiving Outpost | Kindle Vella (amazon.com)

What’s coming next? Well, I’ve started working on another fantasy project that is not a LitRPG, but more of a portal fantasy. It’s developing quickly and could be done by the end of the year. I’ll be sure to share updates, of course.