Russian Sorcery

Another piece of flash fiction “Grigori” has been posted here on the site. This is a small seed based on a simple concept that occurred to me long ago: What if Grigori Rasputin actually survived all of the murderous methods used on him? I wanted to figure out how he would have possibly lived through that and then where would we have gone to avoid further attempts on his life? Faking his own death would have been a good choice, considering none of the killers would have believed that he lived anyway. And having him survive at all would definitely involve some of the “sorcery” that he was often accused of.

This story required a little bit of historical research, as I wanted to know what else was going on in the timeline that could be tied in. As it turns out, he was killed just before New Year’s Eve in 1916 in Saint Petersburg. And since 1917 was a breakout year for Joseph Stalin, I decided that Grigori managed to fake his death and take over Stalin’s life. To work in the rumors of sorcery, I landed on the idea that Rasputin did a literal body transference using the mysterious spiritual hangups he had with horses. In actual historical tales, he had an uncanny ability to heal horses just through touch alone. He also apparently had a serious way with women and had captivating eyes that were almost lupine. Good stuff.

Taking all of those ingredients, I wrote a story about Grigori pulling himself from the river where he supposedly drowned. He encounters a young Joseph Stalin and uses his horse to partial heal himself before transferring his spirit and taking over the country beginning in 1917. If this were to be expanded into a novel length work, I’d probably figure out how he exited Stalin’s life and where he went next, over and over, all the way into the near future where he had worked his way to the top of the global shadow governments. It’s probably not going to happen for me, but maybe someone else would be interested in writing it!