Book 2: Tempest of Betrayal progress update

With the first book, I believe one of the mistakes that I made was using multiple points of view. The goal was to keep the book short and I think that the story could have been told better and had more narrative cohesiveness if I had stuck to one point of view throughout. There just aren’t enough pages to accomodate parallel threads that are told separately and tied together later on. It would be fine if I were planning 400 pages and not worried about an economy of words. So, for Book 2, I had to completely rearrange the scenes and story points to accomodate all the same events and subplots but tie them together into fewer scenes and use only a single POV.

The overall effect is that the story is a little more complex, given that the main plot and all subplots are basically woven together from the beginning. That doesn’t mean their connectedness is revealed in the beginning, just that I, as the author, have to consider it all even before the story starts. It isn’t a problem for me, personally. I’ve spent decades being a story teller for players of RPGs and I revel in twists and connecting seemingly unconnected plots. The challenge is really just the timing. I had a plan for getting the first draft done by a certain date and I thought I had a solid outline when I set that date. As it turns out, I spent some of my writing time actually rebuilding the outline. Fortunately, I have a daily writing quota that will get me to the finish line in time, and it’s really not even a problem – assuming that I stick to my quota going forward. Speaking of which: back to the manuscript!

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