Of RPGs and Literature

I have no idea what any given person thinks of LitRPG. I would bet the vast majority of readers do not know what it even is. All of that is okay with me. I happen to think it’s a great niche genre which I enjoy reading and I know that I will enjoy writing. And so, finding myself at a crossroads between projects, I’m opting for the path less traveled. And I will travel it my own way, in the grand tradition of most things that I write. There are a few common themes and tropes that LitRPG novels adhere to and I’ve noticed that many are based on people in the actual world living an alternate life in an MMO, either willingly or otherwise. I think it’s far more rare to have real world people transported to a tabletop roleplaying game instead, though it has been done. In fact, some of my favorite books decades ago were a precursor to modern LitRPG, a series written by Joel Rosenberg called the Guardians of the Flame.

But I’m not even going to the route of the characters being transported to a TTRPG (like the old school D&D cartoon – another favorite) but instead having a TTRPG become merged with our reality, overlaid on our modern world and regressing at a rapid rate. And instead of VR sight HUDs, the players will reference their character sheets on parchment. Oh, and the whole thing ties back to quantum computing, a cosmic entity beyond time and space, and a living conduit that is projecting the fantasy setting from the dream world.

The novel is likely to surpass 100K words, but my goal is to get the first draft done in the next few months – possibly before NaNoWriMo rolls around. Let the game begin!