November 2020

Heading into December soon and then we’ll be putting 2020 behind us. We need to get into the future fast, because the present is failing us. It also means I only have a little while left before 2021 begins in earnest and I have to do some hard thinking about writerly goals. My plan a few months back was to reach 1M words written by the end of 2021. I think that may still be a stretch goal, but it’s not super meaningful. I think I rather need more specific deliverables throughout the year to give me something to work toward. There are so many possibilities, I have to say, that it’s a little overwhelming. Horror, scifi, fantasy, cross-genre mashups of doom. The past few years have been about achieving specific experiences just to get them off my mind. The supers & sorcery books were nagging at me forever, and the series of interconnected urban fantasy stories was another thing, and then the gamelit/litrpg bug kept gnawing, and on and on. It seems that I’ve gotten the majority of those annoying (meant the best possible way) stories out of my head, so now I can actually think clearly about what “I” want to write. That sounds super strange, but if you are a writer, then maybe not.

I have also been toying with the idea of writing in completely different genres, too. There are a couple of reasons; not all of them are rational. One, I’ve heard that reading  and writing outside of your comfort zone can strengthen you overall as a writer, and that’s always a good thing. I see some validity in that claim. Also, I don’t know if I might like writing other genres. Haven’t really tried, you know? So, the idea is that I’d give them a shot and see how I feel. What genres, you may ask? I’ve noticed that thrillers are super popular, so I’m tempted to try one with my own style. And also a cozy mystery. You probably didn’t see that coming, but hey I used to watch Matlock and Murder She Wrote when I was a kid (not my idea at the time). I also enjoyed many of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books from the school library. And of course, there’s Scooby Doo. That’s not typically what people think of when they hear “cozy mystery”, I know. They think of some kindly older woman named Mable who knits all the time and gossips with small town shop owners. Tough stuff – I think I could do something with a twist on Scooby Doo. Dare me. Do it.