Cromkhar Codex – Factions

In the recent decades, after much turmoil among the various races on Cromkhar, relationships have reached point of relevant stability.

While the orcs and humans coexist within the orc lands, it would be more accurate to say the orcs tolerate the humans. The humans are not natives and have no claim to anything, and yet they tend to persist in staking ownership wherever they homestead. While the orcs are not warlike, the humans have pushed the orcs into war before and it did not end well for the humans. Among all of the civilized races, humans are the most likely to be Warped. Orcs are the second most common but it is a large gap compared to the humans.

The elves keep to themselves but are respectful of neighboring empires, often exchanging diplomats in the interest of possible trade and avoiding conflict. Warped are rare and unwelcome among the elves, as a general rule.

The dwarves spread far and wide, anywhere there are trees suitable for their habitats and they are tolerated by any other inhabitants. Finding Warped dwarves is rare and they are tolerated well by other dwarves, given that they are law-abiding.

The goblins have a small region of land they have infested and unlike other races, their population seems to be dwindling slowly. They are avoided and they do not engage with the empires in any way that anyone understands. They have a very strange society and thinking, their behavior is considered bizarre by all. It is unknown whether any goblin has ever been Warped, but not much is known about them in general.

Within the races, each has their own views on Warped. And for every majority opinion, there are dissidents that see things differently. The Warped themselves have various opinions of themselves, including being gifted, cursed, persecuted, shunned or held aloft. Many Warped are mistrusted unless they have been accepted into a Tempest blessed by King Osric. Tempests police each other but failing all else, the king will handle it himself, being a high-powered Warped human with undefined limits.