Cromkhar Codex – Dwarves

On Cromkhar, the dwarves live in the trees. They don’t engineer sprawling underground fortresses and smith all day and all night. Quite, the opposite, actually. They live alongside nature, using the natural tools and weapons available in their environment. Dwarves are not nearly as tall as humans, but they commonly exceed five feet in height. What is unique about their physiology is the fact that they are covered in sparse wiry hair and have long arms with tremendous strength. They wear clothes made of leather, hides, and vegetable matter, held together with thread made of plant and animal fibers. The weapons are primarily bone, wood and stone all expertly crafted and just as deadly as anything made by other species and civilizations.

The dwarven cities are sprawling nests that stretch between massive trees, all having a lattice type structure. It looks like an endless intricate spider web that has been spun through the tree tops of the entire forest, except only that the pervasive “webbing” is actually wooden strands as thick as a human arm. They are an indeginous people that live in harmony with the world itself, interacting with other people as rarely as they can manage. The dwarves are determined to be self sufficient and not reliant on any other species for anything. This is occasionally impossible when wars break out and they are not completely capable of defending their lands. Brief alliances are forged and relationships are maintained as necessary.

A small sliver of the population is dedicated to traveling and living amonst the other civilizations, to this purpose. And small groups of other species are allowed to visit their nests and live among them. The Warped effect has touched the dwarves just as everywhere else, and they revere these individuals, seeing it as a gift from the world itself, a manifestation of nature and to be worshipped or respected. These individuals find themselves posted to positions of great importance, responsibility and power. And they take these posts very seriously, believing their gift to be something that should never be squandered. Instead, it should be used to uplift the dwarven people as a whole. Any dwarf that is warped is added to an existing Tempest, and only so many Tempests have formed among the dwarves. They consolidate tempests by region, so they are far apart but consist of ten or twelve members, rather than the usual three or four.