Detour Complete

I’ve finished the short story for the roleplaying game. Essentially, it’s a completely fictionalized account of some adventurers that will provide some world-building and verisimilitude to the adventure module. The process was interesting, as the goal was to create a series of locations, events and characters which are all intrinsically linked. This led me to adding details and going back to linked earlier scenes which may have been skippable otherwise (in terms of players circumventing content to their own detriment).

Next steps for the game is to convert the short into an adventure module. There were thoughts of an intermediary step where it was re-written as an “actual play”, but that seemed unnecessary. After all, you can just follow the elements and events within a scene and craft the adventure directly while making notes about various interactions or skill tests may come up in play. The fun part be will creating the pre-generated characters for the players to choose from, as the adventure is part of a quickstart/playtest bundle. There are only three “player characters” in the story itself, so they will need pre-gen character sheets but there should be at least a few more original characters available as selections.

So far, there are classic trope roles for a warrior, rogue and mage. That leads me to consider a cleric, an artificer, a berserker, or a druid. Each of these have different aspects which may influence the progression of the story, so that has to be considered when it comes to the adventure adaptation but shouldn’t provide too much of a challenge. There is plenty to do, but it will happen bit by bit. The next writing project is calling and cannot be ignored!