Detour Ahead

In support of another product, I’m currently cranking out a new short story. The product in question is a roleplaying adventure which needs some worldbuilding and background. You know, the fluff.

The adventure itself is a short one, structured on the Five Room Dungeon concept. The idea is that you abstract a “dungeon” of five “rooms” into something that can serve as an adventure instead. The dungeon is a stand-in term for the adventure, and the rooms are really just plot points. I guess you could call it a Five Plot-Point Adventure, but that has no flavor or style.

The five rooms are Entrance\Guardian, Puzzle\Roleplaying Challenge, Trick\Setback, Climax\Big Battle\Conflict, Reward\Revelation\Plot Twist. These plot points have already been defined for the project, so now I just have to write the story. Seems simple enough, but the worldbuilding and the characters are still not defined – that’s up to me. My idea is to go with three adventurers – the classic trifecta: warrior, mage, rogue. Beyond that, I think they’re going to be randomly generated.

In fact, let’s generate the rogue now. I have a handy-dandy deck of GM inspiration cards. Even odds on gender – male: Yes. Random defining trait: Crime. Hmm. Name: Darius. Virtue: Loyalty. Vice: Greed. Spent last night: Mortuary. Recently involved with: A threatening note.

All right, so Darius is a male rogue who lives for crime. He wallows in it, maybe even belongs to an organized crime venture. He’s very loyal, either to his partners in crime, or to the organization itself. For him, everything worth doing has to lead to greater wealth; otherwise it’s a waste of time. His most recent exploit was infiltrating a mortuary in the dead of night to steal an heirloom from the recently deceased. The heirloom only had sentimental value, but it was a job for the big boss of his crime syndicate. The threatening note that Darius received was one of many received by other thieves – a member of the organization would be cut out of the jobs and proceeds every day until the heirloom was found and returned. Several others had already been randomly selected and dismissed, and Darius was not about to be next. He returned the heirloom to the big boss and was rewarded with an exquisite new sword.

Only two more characters to go and then they can get their newest caper under way. Onward and upward!