Allen J. Crom

September 2021

Welcome back, cromies! How do you pronounce “cromies”? No idea. Let’s not dwell. I have an update on the LitRPG project, and I’m happy to report that the draft is complete. I’m pleased with how it turned out, but I have to admit that it’s not as crunchy as many others out there. When it …

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Detour Complete

I’ve finished the short story for the roleplaying game. Essentially, it’s a completely fictionalized account of some adventurers that will provide some world-building and verisimilitude to the adventure module. The process was interesting, as the goal was to create a series of locations, events and characters which are all intrinsically linked. This led me to …

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Travelling Companions

Today, I thought I’d share the other two characters mentioned in my previous post “Detour Ahead”. Last time, I described Darius, the male rogue. Ashimar is a male warrior who lives to pursue mercantilism. He loves to barter and trade, not to make money alone but the experience is what he enjoys. He even sells …

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Detour Ahead

In support of another product, I’m currently cranking out a new short story. The product in question is a roleplaying adventure which needs some worldbuilding and background. You know, the fluff. The adventure itself is a short one, structured on the Five Room Dungeon concept. The idea is that you abstract a “dungeon” of five …

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Here’s one of my current newer projects – building a new world based on a foundation of high fantasy combined with concepts from Altered Carbon. This world, Stoneghar, is controlled by a number of golems, constructs made of iron, wood, crystal and other materials. Each of these golems were once mortal rulers who have undergone …

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