Alien Surgeon

I’ve posted another short story called “Doctors Without Galactic Borders” and it amused me sufficiently enough to share it. The premise was determined for me, as it was part of a competition; there were three elements: sci-fi genre, a surgeon, and camping. I had a number of wild possibilities, but the one I settled on was most appropriate for the format. Before I tell you about that, however, let me tell you about another idea which has now been relegated to the “future novel” pile.

The gist is an interstellar organism the size of our moon visited our solar system several generations prior to the story. It consumed Phobos for fuel. It now orbits Mars, seemingly dormant. It was originally a generation ship for an alien species, but they’re nowhere to be found. It has artificial gravity and an artificial atmosphere, modified by Earth scientists to now be mostly habitable by humans. The generation ship/whale has become a tourist destination for the wealthy – a tropical island in space. But there is a tumor growing inside which requires surgery. Our surgeon wears a medical mech suit and burrows into the organism to root out the growth. It’s not the first time either. The entry point has become a pop-up city, comprised of numerous hazmat tents. Labs, engineering, sleeping quarters, recreational, etc. It’s a large operation. That’s just the beginning…

In the end, I ended up switching horses, and this was the new story seed: “An alien surgeon beams down into someone’s camp to remove a parasite from their brain stem. The alien needs it for a recipe.” As you’ll see, that plot morphed a bit – just like I like it. Enjoy!