Month: September 2020

The Dragon Tempest

First in Series – Available Here

What happens when superheroes take on orcs, alchemy and a dragon?

Rolfe Netheridge is a serial con artist that takes gold coin from anyone that is gullible enough to believe his promises. It has caught up to him now and his life is forfeit unless he gets money quick.

When Rolfe successfully delivers on a bounty of blood to an eccentric lord, he finds himself involved in a conspiracy to mutate orcs and humans throughout the city of Dramis. He has to make friends fast to survive.

With his new team and their special abilities, Rolfe must confront an insane alchemist, save Dramis and bolster his latest business venture: superheroes for hire.

LitRPG Progress, Update 1

I’ve made quite a bit of progress on the new project and I thought I would share some of it here. The main characters have come together, and I’ve determined the overarching plot as well as the beginnings of the setting. There is plenty of worldbuilding still left, but that is happening as I go. And, as I suspected, the final size estimate has grown. I’ve finished the first quarter of the book and it’s already over 30K words (120 pages).

Anyway, I’ve included an excerpt here from the rough draft as a teaser:

Untitled LitRPG Project, Excerpt from Chapter 1

Untitled LitRPG Project, Excerpt from Chapter 1

“Don’t worry about that, it’s going to be fine, okay?” Shawn picked through a pile of clothing on the desk near the door, selecting some jeans and a yellow t-shirt with bold lettering that read ‘No, you don’t get XP for that’.

Shawn looked back from the door. “Taking a shower. Stay out of my notes.” He disappeared down the hallway.

Nick rolled his eyes and dug his phone out of his pocket. He tried to check his email and groaned. There was no service or WiFi inside the house. Mister Merill made sure of that. Crazy bastard. 

He poked at a mind-numbing clicker app which still worked offline. It only entertained him for a few minutes. He sighed, stood up and stuffed the phone back into his pocket. He looked around at the ill-kept room and then started cleaning up, pinching the smallest portion of dirty clothes with only his thumb and index finger. He balanced all the candy wrappers and soda cans on top of an already overflowing trash can.

As he was retrieving a game controller from the floor near the bed, he spotted something made of glass, sticking out halfway from under the nightstand. It was a syringe, and an expensive looking one at that. It was constructed of thick glass and stainless steel, hosting small embedded electronics.

“What the shit is this?” he murmured, picking it up and inspecting it closer.

It was empty, and next to a small logo on the side, in angular letters, was: Property of Qubidyne. He turned it this way and that and even sniffed it. There was no clue what had been inside. With a frown, he opened the top drawer of the nightstand and dropped it inside. For the next few minutes, he straightened books on the shelf, rotated tiny figurines of fantasy monsters and opened a window to allow fresh air inside. The window itself was covered on the outside with a rigid steel mesh, courtesy of Mister Merrill.

… to be continued.