Story Giveaway for the Reader Group

Up until this point, I’ve only ever offered updates to members of the reader’s group (aka people on the mailing list), but now I’ve also added a new short story to the bounty. It’s a better “thank you” and I feel good about it.

When considering what I should write for this project, I wanted it to be at least tangentially related to the Supers & Sorcery series, if not directly connected. I thought about writing some side stories or back stories for some of those characters, but decided those would be better received as collections that could be picked up after reading the whole series.

I went way back into my notebook, looking at the many other story ideas I jot down from time to time, trying to find something that gave me a spark. I found the story about a medieval farmer who gets his back pressed against the wall and is forced to become superhuman simply to survive. There are other comic and superhero origin stories that follow this trope, and I really feel that it works. The other component of this story is subverting a zombie trope, in that there are shambling undead in the story but they aren’t slow. They aren’t even 28 Days Later fast. These zombies happen to be super-charged monsters with speedster powers.

Another thing I tackled was the term “zombie” which is overused in modern mainstream entertainment and now actually feels out of place in a medieval fantasy setting. I still wanted to label them zombies, though, so I concocted a new word as a decent stand-in with a plausible explanation. Overall, I like the end result and I now have a character which I can bring into future Supers & Sorcery sequels. Win-win!