The Supers & Sorcery series is under way

This year, I’m kicking things off with a series called “Supers & Sorcery”. The initial book should hit the market by the first week of February. The first in the series will be called “The Dragon Tempest”. The idea for this Dragon Tempest saga came from the personal desire to use a role-playing game world that I’ve been building, off and on, for years.

Once upon a time, when I played role-playing games excessively, I found myself too be the game master of multiple campaigns back-to-back. And after a while, I wanted to do something different than usual. There were lots of ideas, but one that really appealed to me was having the actual X-Men* be magically transported to the Forgotten Realms* and deal with hordes of orcs, giants, dragons and mad wizards.

So, I cooked up a world that was pretty typical for fantasy roleplaying, with the usual elements like humans, elves, and dwarves but decided to twist all the tropes slightly. Additionally, instead of magic being a thing and characters being standard classes (e.g. fighter, rogue, wizard) they would instead be superheroes with superpowers. If someone wanted to make a parody of an existing character from their favorite comic book or television show, it was allowed.

And once they had their “warped” character (rather than “mutant”) we set out to turn stereotypical fantasy adventures on their heads. That goal hasn’t changed with me writing these books. I’m still a fan of subverting tropes, so that’s what is going to happen here. Welcome aboard and have fun!

*: X-Men and Forgotten Realms are property of their respective owners, and likely registered trademarks in multiple countries.