The Dragon Tempest

What happens when superheroes take on orcs, alchemy and a dragon?

Rolfe Netheridge is a serial con artist that takes gold coin from anyone that is gullible enough to believe his promises. It has caught up to him now and his life is forfeit unless he gets money quick.


When Rolfe successfully delivers on a bounty of blood to an eccentric lord, he finds himself involved in a conspiracy to mutate orcs and humans throughout the city of Dramis. He has to make friends fast to survive.


With his new team and their special abilities, Rolfe must take on an insane alchemist to save Dramis and bolster his latest business venture: superheroes for hire.

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This is the first in a series about caped superheroes in a high fantasy setting. I’ve dubbed it Supers & Sorcery and you won’t find many things like it.

About the author

Long-time software developer with a creative side

I’ve been a data entry clerk, a software developer, a network administrator, and a project manager. I’ve been marinating in the tech industry for 30 years and enjoyed it for the most part. Despite being very analytical in my day job and studies, I really love being creative. Mostly my creativity has been used for software, but I also enjoyed writing fiction.

I have heard people struggle coming up with ideas or “good ideas”. That’s certainly not one of my failings. I have enough ideas to choke a black hole, and I have photographic evidence. The challenge is trying to write fast enough to get them all down before I get too old to write.

Writing books and telling stories are the best way for me to scratch my creative itch. I’d love to spend my retirement years in a second career building new worlds and telling compelling stories that subvert my favorite genres and tropes.

My muse is like a hydra. I write about one idea to get it out of my head, and it is replaced by three more.

Allen J. Crom

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