Detour Ahead

In support of another product, I’m currently cranking out a new short story. The product in question is a roleplaying adventure which needs some worldbuilding and background. You know, the fluff. The adventure itself is a short one, structured on the Five Room Dungeon concept. The idea is that you abstract a “dungeon” of five …

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Here’s one of my current newer projects – building a new world based on a foundation of high fantasy combined with concepts from Altered Carbon. This world, Stoneghar, is controlled by a number of golems, constructs made of iron, wood, crystal and other materials. Each of these golems were once mortal rulers who have undergone …

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Time for something completely different – a short screenplay called “Caldera”. It’s a departure from the usual genre and is more of a modern day conspiracy thriller, maybe with some supernatural element; that part is vague. I could easily expand it into a larger story or even incorporate it into the Web of the Shepherds …

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I’ve now posted another short story called “Masquerade” and it actually belongs in the Web of the Shepherds universe. It’s meant to be a teaser, with most of the story giving the reader a sense of what-the-hell-is-happening. And to be fair, that’s how it ends as well, but that’s just how it is.

Alien Surgeon

I’ve posted another short story called “Doctors Without Galactic Borders” and it amused me sufficiently enough to share it. The premise was determined for me, as it was part of a competition; there were three elements: sci-fi genre, a surgeon, and camping. I had a number of wild possibilities, but the one I settled on …

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Ghostly Flash

There has been yet another writing challenge, this time a 250 word story involving “spirit”, “clapping” and “unconcious”. After discarding all of the obvious stories that come to mind, I focused on the clapping element, and wanted to do something different with it. There are a multitude of ways to interpret and convey clapping, but …

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